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AroundB has been working with blockchain and fintech projects since 2016 and has over 50 successful projects accomplished. We specialize in the organization of professional business events around the world and helping cutting edge companies and startups grow their business and realize their potential with marketing and PR services.

We pride ourselves in breaking down barriers and building communities of like-minded people to help shape a brighter future.

We deliver events, marketing, and PR services to an expectant world.

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We have 9+ years experience in launching projects from conception through to maturity. There’s no such thing as a bad idea – just a badly marketed one. Let us take good care of your innovative venture and watch the sales roll in.


We understand fintech and the cryptocurrency market, and we know how to find the right audience and knock on the right door, whether it’s an investor, partner, or direct customer.


We follow a proven four-step discovery methodology that is based entirely on real research. The end result is an exceptionally well crafted strategic marketing plan with key deliverables, actions, and timings.


We are young, ambitious, and curious about everything that makes our heart skip a beat. We are in love with fintech and e-commerce and we truly believe that innovative ideas can change this world for the better.


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