Signifty Case


Signifty is an NFT project, building the first platform which will help to change the world by using and donating NFTs through Signifty Missions. By gathering famous names, digitalizing their significant NFT drops, and with the power of community, it becomes possible to solve problems of our planet and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, by raising funds transparently and securely. 

NFT is not just a JPEG anymore.

NFT is now a tool to plant trees or save turtles.


Date: From March 2022 – Ongoing


AroundB services for Signifty:

What is already done so far:

  • Marketing strategy aimed at launch campaign;
  • Social media strategy and implementation; 
  • Competitor Analysis; 
  • Improvement of the idea of the concept;
  • Brand strategy development;
  • New website content development;
  • Building community on Telegram/Twitter/Discord;
  • Content and design production for project documents (WP, Pitch Deck, Presentations);
  • Promotion of the project;
  • Content creation: daily content creation and weekly content plans in advance for Twitter/Telegram/Instagram/Medium
  • Writing internal articles for the company blog.




Internal articles for Medium blog, here

Work is still in progress. Stay tuned and follow our updates.


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