NFT Marketplace – SpaceSeven


SpaceSeven is the world’s first fully regulatory compliant, e-commerce scale, and user-first open NFT marketplace development on the eco-friendly Concordium blockchain.

AroundB services for SpaceSeven:

– Marketing strategy aimed at launch campaign;

– Social media strategy and implementation; 

– Competitor Analysis; 

– Building community on Telegram/Twitter/Discord

– Promotion of the project on other Telegram groups, on Twitter and Instagram;

– Content creation: daily content creation and weekly content plans in advance for Twitter/Instagram/Medium

– PR in Top crypto and global media, like Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance,, and others;

– Writing internal and external articles for the company blog and media;

– Events support; 

Press Releases:

SpaceSeven to Launch a Game-Changing NFT Marketplace

SpaceSeven to Launch a Game-Changing NFT Marketplace

Internal article for Medium blog, here


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