PR in crypto projects

PR in crypto projects
29 Mar 2021

In our age of information, it’s impossible to imagine a successful project without a good PR campaign. And cryptoindustry is no exception, but quite the opposite — it requires highest-quality and quickest reporting to potential investors and partners.

What is a right PR campaign or PR activity personally for you? Does it mean promotion on social networks, collaboration with the media, influencers, subject-matter press releases? Let’s go into this issue together.

PR stands for Public Relations. 

PR campaign (not only for crypto projects) — is a set of strategic actions aimed at your target audience in order to achieve a specific result within a certain period of time. Success and recognizability of the project, and, as a result, profit level, which is the ultimate goal of any business, depends on a properly developed and conducted PR campaign. PR in crypto business shapes an image, supports reputation, promotes recognizabilty and success.

It often happens that companies/startups, due to budget, personal, or other restrictions, do not use a complex of PR activities. This slows down the development of the project many-fold.

PR aims for a crypto project:

✅  to create a unique and recognizable brand;

✅  to convey the idea, meaning and benefits of cooperation to the world;

✅  to build a positive image, inspire confidence, attract attention;

✅  to shape an interested target audience;

✅  to inform followers about the growth, development, and campaign achievements;

✅  to achieve goals, which are specific measurable, within a given time frame.

Components of PR campaign for a blockchain project:

✅  shaping up an image of the project, describe it using a website, articles, presentations, interviews, pitch desks, videos;

✅  setting ultimate goal;

✅  setting the deadlines (starting point and finish of the campaign);

✅  understanding of the target audience and clear targeting by specific criteria;

✅  development of a promotion strategy and its implementation;

✅  regular tracking statistical data to focus on the most effective tools;

✅  stirring interest in a crypto project through a complex buzzling via the right communication channels.

Major communication channels for PR-campaign:

✅  social media targeting;

✅  influencers;

✅  mass media;

✅  review articles on theme websites and blogs;

✅  video reviews on theme channels.

The main difference between launching a classic project or a crypto project is time; in the blockchain field, you need to act as quickly and efficiently as possible. To compare — development of a campaign in launching an IT product takes a year and it is normal. But in the world of crypto the idea, its implementation and launch of a promotion campaign take 3 — 4 months.

Beyond that, PR of crypto projects does not much differ from PR in other areas. Thus the three main components:

      ✅  target audience;

      ✅  promotion channels;

      ✅  tools.

The correct definition and good understanding of these three points is a key to a successful ICO or launch of a crypto project.