Types of media content or not by press release alone

Types of media content or not by press release alone
19 Apr 2021

Imagine you are launching a new project, building up a marketing and PR strategy to promote your brainchild, or writing your first media articles. What kind of content would you consider creating?

This must be a press release.

 It is by far the most popular and probably the most old-school type of content to be published both on the internal (blog, company media portal, newsletters) and external media resources. Press releases are timeless and you will be surprised to know how many types of media content exist.

 It is their variety that allows you to describe and introduce your project in the most informative and colorful way. Cold facts from the press releases can give the reader understanding of the stages of the project, help draw conclusions, or vice versa, they can lead to a new round of interest.

Presenting the reader with all-round and stylistically diverse information and using various approaches for this makes the information catchy and creates the right message – “look at me and remember me”.

 Let’s look into the types of media content (external ones, because we are not considering internal publications, for example project or company blog). So, they are the following:

✅  Project overview

They are made by mass media (editorial staff or a journalist), which choose the most interesting information, in their opinion, and compare it with similar projects. They outline strengths and weaknesses, positioning, and pricing policy. Be ready to be pointed at your weak points or on the contrary, be praised, making you look favorable for the sake of the PR. In such a case, a journalist can ask you for either a test version of your product or some exclusive conditions (such as some discounts or taking part in a pre-sale at special conditions).

✅  Guest post

Many publishers offer an opportunity to become a contributor, expressing your expert opinion on this or that topic. This is a great opportunity for your CEO to back up their position as an opinion leader. Be careful with the topic of the publication, choosing exactly what is interesting for your target audience to read.

✅  Research, big data analyses

Readers and media like research, because it’s a wealth of information they are lazy to write themselves. If you have time and resources, take quality data, go ahead and write analytical articles. Sure enough, including your project in your work. Or hire an independent journalist to do research for you.

✅  Trends

This is definitely a goldmine for journalists. Everybody wants to know what is trendy and what is not, what will happen tomorrow and how to stay informed about the hottest news from your industry. For this type of content, you also need big amounts of data, many different sources, and have a journalist with an analytical set of mind. Such content will be on demand among top media.

✅  Lists

Compiling the lists of the most wanted and popular projects, which are intended to save the world, don’t forget about being objective and presenting credible information. You can’t combine the projects which are different in terms of any criteria, you can’t add the newbies to the projects which have been on the market for 5 years. Overall, stay objective and unbiased while compiling such lists and you will live happily ever after.

✅  Tips

What is it all about? It is about using your own example to tell about your product, helping to solve a problem or a task. You don’t know how to buy cryptocurrency? Let’s use some simple steps and instructions (surely adding your crypto wallet in one of the examples) to figure out how it can be done. It works great if you are just entering the market and your product is a new one for both the old-timers and the new followers of the brand.

✅  Interview

Works well in synergy with the development of the founder’s/company director’s personal brand. If you have anything to tell the reader along the lines of a couple of A4 pages, this is a great type of content for media publication.

✅  Press release

Finally yet importantly, in defense of press releases which were mentioned so much in the beginning.

Such format will always be alive and it should be alive. This is the easiest and the clearest type of content both for the media and for the reader, which serves its purpose, informing the world of your project’s important and interesting developments. Use it, write in a correct and informative way. Follow the rules of journalism, and use as many channels for its distribution as possible.

All types of content are in high demand and they all work. Play with them, collaborate while writing and publishing them, tell the truth (maybe exaggerate just a little), and sell your project beautifully. Always.