5 tactical steps to be taken before launching marketing campaigns for your blockchain project

5 tactical steps to be taken before launching marketing campaigns for your blockchain project
22 Mar 2017

Entering the market as well as preparing for the ICO can be quite costly for a company in terms of financial and human resources.  AroundB CEO Natalie Gavrilenko talks about 5 tactical steps that each blockchain project has to pass in order to save its resources as much as possible before launching a campaign aimed at searching investors.

  1. Define a clear and understandable goal

Correct and accurate definition of the goal you want to achieve at the end of the marketing campaign is a key to success of the whole project. The entire promotion strategy of the project depends on how accurately the goal is formed and how precisely the achievement task is defined.

Typically, the goals are set in the parameters of communicative or economic efficiency. Your goal, for example, may be as follows: to inform about the project around 65% of the target audience or raise 100 million dollars of investment. The goal must be real and achievable.

  1. Make a truthful portrait of your investor

One of the first steps to be taken before launching a marketing campaign is to define a person willing to invest his or her money in your project. The more detailed this portrait is, the more effectively you will get ideas about your product benefits to your potential investor.

In order to make a portrait of your target audience, it is worthwhile to determine the following things:

  • General characteristics: gender and age groups (this identifies the type of information to be provided to a particular age group of potential investors)
  • Locations (where a person receives information / where you can potentially inform him or her about your project)
  • Solvency
  • Interests
  • What issues or challenges your project is going to solve

Try to learn as much as possible about your audience. This influences your results. Moreover, you should study the audience all the time. Be aware of all the changes that occur as this will allow you to make adjustments to your project so that it always remains topical.

  1. Create a message

Your investor needs a good reason to invest funds in your project. The more concise and simpler this reason is, the better it is. You must communicate with your investors using a language they understand. At the same time, the message should contain information about solution to the problem, which an investor experiences and may handle by investing in your project. If you have several target audiences, it worth to formulate a separate message for each of them.

Never give empty promises and do not deceive your investors.

  1. Become an expert in what you are doing

Behind every company, there are individuals who create it. Be as open as possible, show yourself to the world. Start a blog dedicated to the sphere where you work. Openly communicate with the press, answer all the questions. Participate in events, meet new people, and talk about what you are doing. Keep your private life public. People are interested in emotions and feelings. Make your project more humane.

  1. Create a loyal base of experts

People trust people. Earn support of representatives of the community where your target audience lives. Independent feedback on your project from opinion leaders will have a significant impact on the credibility of your project and the investment in it.