Blockchain Incubator Adel to Hold its First ICO

Along with the rapid growth of blockchain entrepreneurs, an ecosystem of exciting start-ups has begun to take shape.  Fintech is not the only sector being offering new solutions - Various industries have identified the value of the distributed ledger technology (DLT), to promote start-up incubation and project acceleration. Adel Ecosystem Ltd. has recently announced their launch date of their first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the 1st of May 2017. Adel is an incubator aimed at developing, supporting and financing innovative start-ups using blockchain technology. They will deploy their service on...

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What did AroundB Learn at DC Blockchain Summit 2017?

One of the oldest universities in the United States Georgetown University has successfully hosted DC Blockchain Summit 2017. This conference has brought together over 450 developers, lawyers and consultants from 20 different countries, according to the organizers. AroundB representatives have attended the summit to discuss development trends of blockchain technologies with its participants as well as evaluate plans for introduction of these technologies in the operation of many companies in the near future. Particular attention at the conference has been paid to the role of blockchain technologies in the public sector....

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Marketing for Blockchain: Long-Awaited Agency Promoting Blockchain Projects Worldwide Has Finally Opened!

AroundB officially started its operation in 2016. The agency's opening was preceded by the team's four-year performance in the blockchain environment for different projects. This allowed us to obtain tremendous experience being at the forefront of the technology development. Already this year, the team has plans to conduct large-scale FinTech conferences and launch several promotional campaigns for blockchain projects in different parts of the world. Technology of Today’s World Today the blockchain market is one of the fastest growing. In 2016, the aggregate amount of capital invested was $ 1.5 billion. Experts...

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