Amsterdam Afterparty – 1inch


    The Afterparty for 1inch took place in Amsterdam on Apr 21, 2022. It was held to welcome EHT DevConnect guests, to meet and feel the real Amsterdam vibe together – on the boat DOCK’S 1!

One of the biggest parties 1inch has ever thrown was truly mesmerizing, although the main risk was the little time left for the organization:

🚀2,5 weeks from the idea to full implementation

What did we do?

✅Idea realization from scratch: concept, program and features of the event

✅Search and approval of the venue

✅Catering delivery

✅Decoration of the location

✅Staff (hostess, security, etc.)

✅Show program (DJs)

✅Activities and entertainment

✅Photo\Video production

✅Technical support (light, sound, stage)

📍Result: over 400 guests 


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