Meet the team
Natalie Gavrilenko
CEO and Co-Founder

Natalie is a project leader in marketing and event management with 7 years of experience. She has been a passionate Bitcoin enthusiast since 2013 providing the first Bitcoin conferences. Provided the first and benchmark Bitcoin conferences in Eastern and Central Europe. Given Natalie’s special set of skills she has decided to open an amazing new service line the B&C sector to help pioneering projects realise their full potential. EMAIL:

Irene Losieva
Sales & Business Development

Irene has an elaborate understanding of Sales and Marketing in the progressive technologies sector having been involved in the sales and implementation of global IT solutions for the past 3 years. She has an unparalleled skill set bringing revenue for her employers by understanding the product and service flawlessly, building fruitful relationships with international clients and ensuring her team bring the highest standard of care to new and existing users. EMAIL:

Elena Lysenko

Elena has more than 5 years marketing and PR experience. Her portfolio consists of successful PR campaigns for public institutions and the private sector. She has extensive experience in building positive reputations for politicians and people in the public eye. Elena's creativity has made her an effective team member and PR manager, as she can anticipate innovate ways to Blackchain promotion. EMAIL: