InvestPro UAE Dubai 2023 Conference – your great opportunity to rise!

InvestPro UAE Dubai 2023 Conference – your great opportunity to rise!
11 Sep 2023

Bosco Conference has announced the annual international event InvestPro UAE Dubai 2023 conference, which is going to reset the business world of CIS, European, Middle East and Asian countries. This year participants of the occasion will meet in the working space of luxurious Indian-themed Taj Dubai hotel, featuring panoramic views of Burj Khalifa on the 25th of September, 2023. 

InvestPro UAE Dubai 2023 is a modern platform aimed to provide business professionals with unique latest information and to diversify their communication with colleagues and partners. “Specialists from all over the world have a chance to share their experience-based business tips and knowledge, as well as to expand the client and partner network” – Bosco Conference CEO.

12th annual InvestPro UAE Dubai 2023 conference is dedicated to the practical solutions for professionals in the field of finance, corporate business, wealth management, citizenship and immigration, international tax structuring, and for the companies oriented to international trade and investment. Each year it is visited by at least 200+ participants who are highly motivated to join this event, because of a strong desire to evaluate the high-quality organization, listen to up-to-date and useful speakers’ reports, to expand their contacts and present themselves in particular, establishing profound network of partnership relations, as well as to feel the atmosphere where the focus on development in world ruling fields of activities prevails.  

The event of such a level is worth visiting by business owners, corporate lawyers, private investors, bankers, financial experts, auditors, business consultants and people, who eager to maintain new acquaintances, develop ideas and flow into the world market. Sponsors and Partners of the event are MIBS Group, HuB Property Investment, Capital Systeme Investments, Gate Greece Properties & Hotels, The Marshall Islands Corporate Registry and others. 

If you are wondering about pros and cons of attending InvestPro UAE Dubai 2023, let’s consider closer some of the greatest benefits of the conference. Look through several reasons why attending B2B conferences is beneficial, just because you will have an opportunity to:

  • learn from real experts and professionals of above-mentioned fields, and also to get acquainted with mentors, who may help you to grow your career;
  • connect with like-minded people and build valuable relationships, because today networking is obligatory in the modern busy world;
  • gain keynote information on innovations in the similar field of activity to your one. Staying updated with the latest trends is crucial to maintain your organization’s competitiveness and reputation;
  • hone your life skills, for instance, such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making;
  • find a huge source of inspiration and motivation, providing attendees with the chance to learn from successful professionals.

InvestPro UAE Dubai 2023 conference is a unique in its kind as it is to be held in the most pro-business and well-developed infrastructural Dubai city, in one of the most comfortable and splendid hotels, Taj Dubai, with engaging the highly professional and experienced speakers, who will present the most necessary and sensible topics for nowadays. All these points will enhance your new community connections as well as expand your professional relationships. You may discover opportunities to collaborate or partner up with other participants of the conference, which could lead to new projects, partnerships, or even joint ventures.

Date: September 25

Venue: Taj Dubai

Format of the conference:

• Conference + Exhibition

• 200+ Delegates, 

• 12+ presentations, 

• 15+ partners;

• Coffee-breaks, Lunch, Evening Cocktail. Great Raffle

Working language: English

With expert speakers and networking opportunities, the InvestPro UAE Dubai 2023 conference promises to be an invaluable experience for all attendees. 

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