Golos Fest heads for Kyiv


Golos Fest Ukraine will take place in Kyiv for the first time ever on October 13, 2017. The Fest mission is to create a community of independent journalists, bloggers and innovators who create the Blockchain-based projects. The focus of the event is on new opportunities for the content creation, plagiarism issues and sponsored articles, the political bias of the media and journalists in the era of decentralized and independent media sites.

The topic of the independent journalism is as relevant for Ukraine as ever: allegations of political bias of certain media resources appear regularly along with claims of sponsored articles written by some individual journalists. The situation can and should be drastically changed with the emergence of decentralized and independent sites that grant voice to all who have something to say.

Ukraine is already known for the implementation of decentralized projects powered by the Blockchain technology for the public sector. Why then does the issue of press independence keep aloof from innovations?

Golos Fest Ukraine to be held in Kyiv on October 13, 2017, will bring together the independent press representatives and developers in order to determine how such collaboration will help resolve the issues of independent journalism and creation of independent publishing houses.

The Fest program will consist of the following directions:

– For journalists & bloggers: opportunities and prospects for working on the innovative social media platform and other independent decentralized media platforms

– For developers: creation of its own projects on the basis of the media platform

The evening of the event will end with a festive party involving informal community communication.

“We want to unite people who are aware of changes that are happening with the advent of the Blockchain and understand how they will change the world, modern media and global communication models in general,” CEO of Cyber.Fund Marina Gurieva said.

The Fest will feature representatives of well-known media projects that will talk about the situation in the media industry, journalism problems existing in Ukraine, and ways the journalism and social crowd funding can be changed with the advent of the Blockchain technology.

The Fest will take place on October 13, 2017, in the capital of Ukraine Kyiv (the venue to be announced soon). The organizers of the Fest are Kuna,io with a support of the media platform and Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine.

To participate in Golos Fest Ukraine, please pre-register via the link:

For cooperation, partnership and participation in the event, please call +380937962104 or