Dubai to host first international conference on metaverses

Dubai to host first international conference on metaverses
20 Jun 2022

On September 05, 2022, the Address Sky View Hotel will host the CYBER FUTURE. 22:22 conference dedicated to the world of the metaverses. More than 1000 participants from 32 countries discuss the future of the future, learn new strategies, trends and innovations from the world of the metaverse from the diseases of the speakers.

The conference was supported by well-known cryptopunk and NFT collector Les Borsai and more than 12 speakers. After the conference, the VIP package participants will also have a big party, which will bring together the entire crypto community of Dubai.

The conference was organized by Alexey Maznichenko’s investment fund, AAM Worldwide Investments. If you want to purchase a ticket or become a sponsor of the event and advertise your project, you can leave a request on the official website:

The number of participants is limited.
Don’t miss the main event of September.
The future has already arrived!